Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dj Seth Dean-Central Coast B-Boys

1.Nairobi-Funky soul makossa
2.Jenny Burton-Players
3.Bobby Jimmy-We like ugly women
4.Strafe-Set it off
5.Trans Lux-get it off
6.Aleem-Release yourself
7.Newcleus-Jam on revenge
8.Brothers Supreme-We cant be held back
9.Man Parrish+Freeze Force-Boogie down Bronx
10.Eddie D-Cash money
11.Pacific side Rappers-O.G move
12.B-Boys-Rock the house
13.Newcleus-Jam on it
14.Africa Bambata+Soul sonic force-Looking for the perfect beat
15.Africa Bambata+S.S Force-Renagades(dub)
16.3-D-Tommy Boy mega mix(Brooklyn version)
17.Big Audio dynamite-bedrock city
18.Ziggie Tons-Lectric Ziggie Boggie
19.Human league-Love Beats
20.Jonzun Crew-We are the Jonzun crew
21.Jonzun crew-Space is the place
22.Synergy-Project 5
23.C jam _ Kid Frost-Commando Rock
24.VSF-Velocity,Speed & force
25.P.L-Transeuropa Express
26.Extra funk Factory-Fantasy
27.Pete Rock-Never gonna stop that rock
28.Palmer force Two-Street wars
29.Jaime Jupitor-Computer Power

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