Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dj Speed-Gangsta Beats

James Brown Intro
Rodney O & Joe Cooley - Everlasting Bass
E-Z-E - BOys In the Hood
Whodini - I'm A Ho
Sir Mix-A-Lot - Posse On Broadway
Beastie Boys - Paul Revere
NWA - DopeMan
LL Cool J - You'll Rock
Rodney O & Joe Cooley - DJ's & Mc's
Beastie Boys - Hold It Now
Biggie Smalls - Juicy
Dr Dre & Snoop - G Thang
Dr Dre & Snoop - Let Me Ride
Geto Boys - Mind Playin Tricks On Me
JR Mafia - Get Money
Kriss Kross - Tonight is the Night
Snoop Dogg - Drop it like it's Hott
JR Mafia - Players Anthem
2Pac - I Get Around
Too Short - Short But Funky


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dj Seth Dean-Delmas Party mix 1

1.Earth Wind & Fire-Brazilian Rhyme

2.Indeep-Last night a Dj saved my life

3.Fatback Band-Backstrokin

4.Michael Jackson-Billie jean

5.SOS Band-Take your Time(do it right)

6.Mary Jane girls-Candy Man

7.Michael Jackson-PYT

8.The Deele-Body Talk

9.Midnight Star-No Parking on the dance floor

10.The Bar Kays-Freak show on the dance floor

11.Midnight Star-Electricity

12.The Dazz Band-Swoop(im yours)

13.Garrett's Crew - Nasty Rock

14.Africa Bambatta & S.S.F-Planet Rock

15.Dazz Band-Joystick

16.Rick James-Super Freak

17.Rick James-Dance with me

18.The Gap Band-You Dropped the bomb on me

19.The Invisible Man's Band - All Night Thing

20.The Jacksons-Shake your body

21.Chaka Khan & Rufus-Do you love what you feel

22.Stone -The girl is hot

23.Mass Production-Firecracker

24.Kano-Im Ready

25.Patrice Rushen-Havnt you heard

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dj Seth Dean-Delma's Freestyle mix

1.Cherrelle-Saturday love vs Information Sociaty-Running
2.Monet-My heart gets all the breaks
3.Jenny Burton-Rock Steady
5.Jenny Burton-Remember what you like
6.Tina B-Honey to a bee
7.C-Banks-One more shot
8.Chaka khan-My love is alive
9.Special Request-Take it to the max
10.Jemaine Stewart-the word is out
11.Franco & Mary Jane-Play at your own risk
12.Planet patrol-Play at your own risk
13.Breakout-Planet Rock(jazzversion) vs Planet Patrol
14.Freestyle-Are you lost?
15.Z-Factor-The DJ
16.Yaz-Dont go
17.Quadrant six-Body mechanics
18.Channel One-technicolor
19.Audio Tech-Im your audio tech
20.Twilight 22-Electric Kingdom
21.Orbit-To busy thinking about my baby
22.Grandmaster Flash & the Furious 5-Scorpio
23.Breakout-Planet rock(band version)

Friday, December 11, 2009

DJ Seth Dean-Delma's PARTY MIX 2

1.Yarborough & Peoples - Don't Stop The Music

2.Latyrx -Lady dont take no

2.One Way-Cutie Pie

3.Chaka Khan-Ain't no body

4.Kool & The Gang-Get down on it

5.P Funk allstarts-Pumping it up

6.George Clinton-Knee Deep

7.Raydio & Ray Parker jr-Still in the groove

8.Raydio & ray Parker jr-For those who like to Groove
9.Vaughn Mason-Big guitar

10.Vaughn Mason-Bounce,Rock,skate,roll

11.Output-Say ya'll be

12.shalamar-Night to remember

13.Barkays -Hit and Run

14.Roger-So Ruff So Tuff

15.Ronnie Hudson-West coast Pop Lock

16.Cotton Candy-Havin Fun


18-Slave-Watching You

19.Odyssey-Inside out

20.Patrice Rushen-forget me nots

21.Evelyn champane King-Betcha she dont love you


23.the Whispers-The Beat goes on

24.D-Train - You're The One For Me

25.BB & Q-On the beat

26.Young and Company- I like What You're Doing To Me

27.Mary j Bliege-Just Fine

28.Royal Cash -Radio Activity

29.Magazine 60 - Don Quichotte

30.Jesse Johnson-free world

31.Prince-Little red corvette

32.Cherrelle - I Didn't Mean To Turn You On

33.Teena Marie - Lovergirl

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dj Seth Dean-Future Beat Alliance

1.Worlds famous supreme team-INTRO
2.Arthur Baker-Breakers revenge
3.Rockers Revenge-Battle cry
4.Afrika Bambatta&S.S.F-Frantic Situation
5.Africa Bambatta&S.S.F-Renagades of funk
6.Guru-Who you stealing from
7.Planet patrol-Play at your own risk
8.Planet Patrol-I didn't know i loved you
9.3-D-Tommy Boy mega mix
10.AfriKa Bambatta&S.S.F-Planet Rock
12.Kraftwork-Computer love
13.Man Parrish-Man Made
14.Cybotron-El Salvador
16.Planet Detroit-Invasion from the planet Detroit

Friday, December 4, 2009

Dj Speed-Beats to the Rhyme

  1. Run DMC-Peter Piper
  2. Eric B & Rakim-i know you got soul
  3. Bobby Byrd-I know you got soul
  4. Eric B & Rakim-I aint no Joke
  5. AMG-Bitch better have my money
  6. Black Sheep-The choice is yours
  7. Naughty by Nature-
  8. Showbiz & A.G. - Soul Clap
  9. A Tribe called quest - Scenario
  10. Fu-Schnickens - La Schmoove
  11. LL Cool J-Rock the Bells
  12. D-Nice-My name is D-Nice
  13. Ice cube-Jackin for beats
  14. Mc Breed-Aint no Future in you FRONTIN
  15. Breeze-L.A Posse
  16. EPMD-Yous got to Chill
  17. Cypress Hill-How i could just kill a man
  18. Das EFX - They Want EFX
  19. EPMD-So What'cha sayin
  20. Tom Tom Club-Genius of Love
  21. Grandmaster Flash-The Message
  22. Zapp -More bounce to the ounce
  23. Parliament - Flash Light
  24. The Gap Band - Humpin'
  25. Tome browne-Funkin for jamacia
  26. Sugar hill Gang-Rappers Delight
  27. Vaughan Mason And Crew - Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll
  28. Kurtis Blow-The Breaks
  29. Zapp-Doo Wa Ditty
  30. Fatback* - Backstrokin'
  31. HeatWave-Groove Line

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

DJ A.R.N-OldSchool Heaven 19

1.Sandy Kerr-Thug Rock
2.Project Future-Ray gun-omics
3.The Peech boys-Dont make me Wait
4.Pointer Sisters-Automatic
5.Thelma Houston-Fantasy & Heartbreak
6.Center Line-Walking into Sunshine
7.Billie Ocean-Nights
8.Cherrell-You look good to me
9.Vaughn Mason & Butch Bayo-Feel me love
10.Xavier-Love is on the one
11.were i wanna be
12.Skool Boys-i dont want nobody else
13.Roy Ayers-Slip-n-Slide
14.I must be loved
15.Gwen Guthrie-It should have been you
16.Give me your loving(please)
17.Sinnamon-Thanks to you

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dj Seth Dean-Funk & Soul Grooves 3

1.Jonzun crew-Space Cowboy
2.Shadow Born to Hustle
3.Trama-Funk and roll
4.Touche-Wrap it up
5.Vernon Bunch-Do it to me
6.Center line-Walking into sunshine
7.Wanda-I must be dreaming
8.Jeanette Lady day-Come let me love you
9.Breakwater-No limit
10.howard johnson-So Fine
11.Alfonso-You are the one
12.Raydio-get down
13.Whispers-Keep on loving me
14.Tackhead-Break my heart
15.Cherrell-I didnt mean to turn you on
16.Prince-Little red corvette
17.RJ's Latest arrival-Shackels
18.Jerry Knight-She's got to be a dancer
19.Rare Gems-Pop Lock
20.Garrets crew-Nasty rock
21.P Crew-Party Rock