Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dj Seth Dean- Funk & Soul Grooves 2

(funk mix)

1.The Time-Get it up
2.Fire fly-Love is gonna be on your side
3.Inner life-Im Caught up
5.Change-Lovers Holiday
6.George Benson-World is a ghetto
7.Satin dreams-Stay away from my lover
8. Deodato-Keep it in the Family
9.Roy Ayers-Running
10.Stone-Girl i like the way that you move
11.Sinnamon - Thanks To You
12.Sky-Let love shine
13.Inner city-Do you love what you feel
14.Kano-Dont try to stop it
15.Kashif-I Just Gotta Have You (Lover Turn Me On)
16Mcfadden & Whitehead-Heard it in a love song
17.Katie Kasson-You are my number one

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dj Speed on KHDC with Bubba G Scotch.P.2

Dj Speed & Bubba G Scotch
Gotta get in them shout outs.

Nuff Said

Dj Speed reppin Def Jam Hip-Hop Honors

Friday, October 23, 2009


Here are some random mixs i made this year with a TON of Party Jams Old and New ,everything from Beastie Boys,Run DMC,Snoop,Rick James,LL Cool J,50 Cent,Baby Bash,Michael Jackson,2PAC,Tag Team,Flo-Rida,Madonna,Metellica,House of Pain,Midnight Star and the list goes on,so just put it in your CD player and start pouring the liquer and Party ON!!!!!!!

download here:

download here:

download here:

Dre Dog-Smoke Dope & Rapp 12"

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Concept - Mr. D.J.

The Concept-Miss DJ

DJ Speed-S.O.S Mix

download here>

1.Juice-Sugar free
2.The SOS band-No ones gonna love you
3.Loose Ends-Hanging on a string
4.Midnight Star-Curious
5.Marvin Gaye - Turn On Some Music
7.Patrice Rushen-Feels so real
8.Gloria D. Brown - The More They Knock The More I Love You
9.Change - Change Of Heart
10.The SOS Band-Just Be Good To Me
11.Loose Ends - Slow Down
12.Surface - Happy
13.The SOS Band-The Finest
14.Evelyn King - Betcha She Don't Love You
15.Gladys Knight & The Pips - Save The Overtime (For Me)
16.Stevie Wonder - That Girl

Monday, October 19, 2009

DJ Seth Dean-Back on the BLOCK V.1

Back on the Block p.1
(electro bass)
1.Big Ocean Mobb-iv*1*5/Gangsta drivin
2.Unknown Dj&Dj Slip-It's more fun to sample
3.Kraftwerk-It's more fun to compute
4.Egyption Lover-Dubb girls
5.Baron Zen-Strange womans room
6.Sexual Harassment-I need a freak
7.Barduex-Bleeding house
8.Meg-Lover girl
9.Tech Master P.E.B-Listen to the music
10.Telesis-the arth of beats
11.Rodney O-These are my beats
12.Newcleus-Space is the place
13.Paul Hardcastle-Forrest Fire
14.Der Mer-Fall Out
15.Future MC's-We are the future
16.Future MC's-Erotic rapp
17.Laid Back-White horse(german version)
18.Pretty Tony-Jam the box
19.Funkadelic-By way of the drum
20.Chaz Jankel-3 million synths
22.JB Beat-All freaks report
23.Steve Masters-Turntable Aktion
24.Dj Jealous J vs Jock-D-DJ Wars
25.Cameron Paul-This is a test
26.Sugar style-Quadrophonix
27.Sue Gatlin-Two of hearts
28.Dj Unknown-Breakdown

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dj Seth Dean & B.G.S-Time Traveler

Dj Seth Dean & Bubba G Scotch-Time Traveling --------To listen to a quik glimps go down the page and click on the youtube Rock steady homage Video..

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


COASTER is hooking it up with some Rare and hard to find jams so stay tuned,also check out his RADIO SHOW on every Saturday from 8-11pm pst,just click on his name and it will take you there.........

Old School Heaven 21

1. A.R.N Drop
2.Delicous -My body and soul
3.Clockwork- Im your candy girl
4.Caprice -Candy man
5.Bon Rock- Ohh baby please come back
6.Broomer -Call me
7.Trilark -Check it out
8.BB & Q -dreamer
9.Alfie Silas- You put the L in love
10.Armentta- I wanna be with you(p.2)
11.Amra -Special kind of lover
12.Tracy Weber- Sure shot(leven remix)
13.Nick Straker B- A little bit of Jazz
14.Q- The voice of Q
15.Jimmy Williams- All of my Loving
16.The Strikers -Body music(shep's remix)
17. A.R.N DROP

Septimus-Here i go again

Septimus-Here i go again

Willie Collins-She's Hot

Willie Collins-She's Hot

Realside-Hang Loose


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

DJ SETH DEAN-Maranatha Freestyle mix

Maranatha Freestyle Mix-7-12-09

1. Monet -Do you remember
2.Masters at work -Dum Dum cry
3.Anna-Tell me something(beats)
4.Janice -bye bye
5.Wellred-dont let up
6.Freeze-pop goes my love
7.Rama-Dont want you to be
8.Connie-Laughter in the rai
9.Bobby O-Still hot for you(beats)
10.Nuance-Take a chance
11.BG-Give in to love
12.Barbra Colman-I just wanna dance
13.Pretty poison-nighttime
14.Shannon-let the music play
15.Dynamix-I just wanna dance
16.Gianni Sirenne-Do what'cha wanna do
17.Connie-Tonights the night
18.Jailbait-let me be the one
19.Crystal Lynn-Talk to me
20.Desire-Baby be mine
21.Torre-To late for tommorow
22.Ammeretto-Clave rock
23.Fransic-surrender your love
24.Heart break-never stop loving you
25.Sweet sensation-Good bye victom of love
26.Wild mary- no one knows
27.Gt-I need you

DJ SETH DEAN-Marcos Tribute Electro Bass Mix

July 9, 1977 - August 19, 1995

Here is a Tribute Mix Done by Dj Seth Dean for his good friend Marcos Gil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dj Speed on KHDC with Bubba G Scotch

Me and Life Long mentor Bubba G. Scotch from KUBO 90.9 FM (the Cali Central Coast 1st real HIp Hop radio station back in 80 to 84) got together to pay homage to Old School Electro Funk and Hip Hop. The way it was meant for B-Boys and B-Girls... Days of Kangols, Adiddas, Puma, Cazzels, fat laces, Bombing, Tagging, MC'ing, Popping, Locking, Battling etc... This is the way it was prior to Mainstream "hip hop" and commercialism. Only a hand full of you will appreciate this , the rest will have a chance to make their own judgment on what they are hearing... Nothing fancy, just a DJ two technic TT's a few crates of REAL records and an MC (Bubba G) " That's the way we do it, That's the way we USED to do it, and that's the way It's gonna be done!!