Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dj Speed on KHDC with Bubba G Scotch

Me and Life Long mentor Bubba G. Scotch from KUBO 90.9 FM (the Cali Central Coast 1st real HIp Hop radio station back in 80 to 84) got together to pay homage to Old School Electro Funk and Hip Hop. The way it was meant for B-Boys and B-Girls... Days of Kangols, Adiddas, Puma, Cazzels, fat laces, Bombing, Tagging, MC'ing, Popping, Locking, Battling etc... This is the way it was prior to Mainstream "hip hop" and commercialism. Only a hand full of you will appreciate this , the rest will have a chance to make their own judgment on what they are hearing... Nothing fancy, just a DJ two technic TT's a few crates of REAL records and an MC (Bubba G) " That's the way we do it, That's the way we USED to do it, and that's the way It's gonna be done!!

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