Monday, October 19, 2009

DJ Seth Dean-Back on the BLOCK V.1

Back on the Block p.1
(electro bass)
1.Big Ocean Mobb-iv*1*5/Gangsta drivin
2.Unknown Dj&Dj Slip-It's more fun to sample
3.Kraftwerk-It's more fun to compute
4.Egyption Lover-Dubb girls
5.Baron Zen-Strange womans room
6.Sexual Harassment-I need a freak
7.Barduex-Bleeding house
8.Meg-Lover girl
9.Tech Master P.E.B-Listen to the music
10.Telesis-the arth of beats
11.Rodney O-These are my beats
12.Newcleus-Space is the place
13.Paul Hardcastle-Forrest Fire
14.Der Mer-Fall Out
15.Future MC's-We are the future
16.Future MC's-Erotic rapp
17.Laid Back-White horse(german version)
18.Pretty Tony-Jam the box
19.Funkadelic-By way of the drum
20.Chaz Jankel-3 million synths
22.JB Beat-All freaks report
23.Steve Masters-Turntable Aktion
24.Dj Jealous J vs Jock-D-DJ Wars
25.Cameron Paul-This is a test
26.Sugar style-Quadrophonix
27.Sue Gatlin-Two of hearts
28.Dj Unknown-Breakdown

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