Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dj Seth Dean-Drunk Bass 2

Tracklist coming soon!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dj Cisko-Oldskoll HIP HOP

Dj Cisko intro
50 Cent-21 Questions(mash)
A Tribe called Quest-Find a Way
2Pac-I get around
A tribe called quest-World Tour
Mellow man ace-Babalu Bad Boy
Ice Cube-Check your Self
Main Source-Looking at the front door
X Clan-Funky Lesson
Special ED-The Mission

Monday, July 5, 2010

Dj Seth Dean-Party Mix 3(the remix)

Lisa Lisa-I wonder if i take you home
Mac Mac and the Jam-alot kingdom-lisa let me take you home
Full Force-girl if i take you home
Latin rascals-Lisa's coming
Starpoint-Object of my desire
Cherrell Alexander-Saturday Love(Seth Remix)
Midnight Star-Midas touch
Viciouc Rumor Club-Rumor Rapp
Timex social Club-Rumors
Bobby Jimmy -Roaches
Timex Social Club-Jealousy
Miss Thang-Thunder & Lightning
leot little page-The drain
Pamala -walking in the rain
Choclate milk mama-The Rain the awnser
The Whispers-Keep on loving me
Dynasty-Check it out
Midnihgt Star-Wet my Wistle
Ritchie Family-I'll do my Best
Evelyn Champain King-get up
The O'Jay's-Put our heads together
Prince Controversy
Future mc's-Erotic rapp
Prince-Erotic City
Laid Back-White horse
Eurithmatics-Sweet Dreams
Prince-When doves cry
mario-Sexy Freak
Dazz Band-Keep it live