Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dj A.R.N-We the WEST 3

Dre Dre-Xxplosive(Hitman,Kurupt)
Ice Cube-it was a good day
Dre Dre-House Wife(Kurupt)
Ice Cube-Gangster rap made me do it
Cypress Hill-Latin Lingo
RBL Posse-Blue Bird
Too Short-Im a player
2Pac-Baby don't cry
2pac-Can't see me
The Game,Kayne-Wouldn't go far
Dr Dre-Still DRE(Snoop DOG)
Iced Cube-Go to Church(lil Jon)
N.W.A-Niggaz 4 Life
The D.O.C-The Formula
Ice Cube-True to the Game

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dj Seth Dean-Drunk Bass 2

Tracklist coming soon!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dj Cisko-Oldskoll HIP HOP

Dj Cisko intro
50 Cent-21 Questions(mash)
A Tribe called Quest-Find a Way
2Pac-I get around
A tribe called quest-World Tour
Mellow man ace-Babalu Bad Boy
Ice Cube-Check your Self
Main Source-Looking at the front door
X Clan-Funky Lesson
Special ED-The Mission

Monday, July 5, 2010

Dj Seth Dean-Party Mix 3(the remix)

Lisa Lisa-I wonder if i take you home
Mac Mac and the Jam-alot kingdom-lisa let me take you home
Full Force-girl if i take you home
Latin rascals-Lisa's coming
Starpoint-Object of my desire
Cherrell Alexander-Saturday Love(Seth Remix)
Midnight Star-Midas touch
Viciouc Rumor Club-Rumor Rapp
Timex social Club-Rumors
Bobby Jimmy -Roaches
Timex Social Club-Jealousy
Miss Thang-Thunder & Lightning
leot little page-The drain
Pamala -walking in the rain
Choclate milk mama-The Rain the awnser
The Whispers-Keep on loving me
Dynasty-Check it out
Midnihgt Star-Wet my Wistle
Ritchie Family-I'll do my Best
Evelyn Champain King-get up
The O'Jay's-Put our heads together
Prince Controversy
Future mc's-Erotic rapp
Prince-Erotic City
Laid Back-White horse
Eurithmatics-Sweet Dreams
Prince-When doves cry
mario-Sexy Freak
Dazz Band-Keep it live

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dj A.R.N-Freestyle Heaven 6

Sinitta-Feels like the first time
The Beat Club-Security
Pretty Poison-Catch me im falling(ultimix)
Cyre-Last Chance
Shana-I want you
C-Bank-I wouldn;t stop lovin you
Meg-Lover girl
Lighter shade of brown-Latin Active
Stacy Q-Two of hearts
Tora-Seductive love
Jocylen Enriquez-In a dream
Adriana-Until Tommorow

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dj A.R.N- We the WEST v.2

2Pac-All eyez on me
Ice Cube-Friday
Dr Dre-Bad Intensions
RBL Posse-Bounce to this
The Game-Im Chillin
Ice Cube-Pushing Weight(blend)
Too Short-Im a Player
Snoop Dogg-Lay Low
2Pac-I get around
Snoop Dogg/Tyrese-Just a baby boy
Dre Dre/Dj Quik-Put it on me
Cougnut-Shinnin STAR
Rodney O & Joe Cooley-Nobody disses me
N.W.A-Express yourself
Snoop Dogg/Tray D-21 jump ST
The Game-Higher
Too Short-Player Holiday

Monday, March 15, 2010

Dj Seth Dean-Here comes that sound

Roberta Flack & Danny Hathaway-Back together again

Dynasty-Love in the first lane

Brick-Wide open

Sun-Reaction Satisfaction

Love Delux Orchestra-here comes that sound


Unique-What i got is what you need

Change-Dont wait another night

Colubus Circle-If you read my mind

Fatback-Take it anyway you want

Amuzement park-Love showdown

Five Special-Why leave us alone

Nick Sriker band-Straight ahaed

GQ-Make my dreams a reality

GQ-Reasons for the seasons

Charles Jackson-Come and get your love

Stevie Wonder-A seed is a star

LTG Exchange-Corazon


Monday, February 22, 2010

DJ A.R.N-We the WEST vol.1

(American me intro)
Ice Cube,N.W.A-Hello
Ice Cube-Natural born killers
Wc,Ice Cube,Mack 10-West-up(soul fix edit)
The Game-Westside story
Snoop Dogg-G'z up Hoe's down
Dr Dre- Xplosive
Tha Eastsidaz-Got Beef
Dr Dre,Snoop Dogg-Deep Cover
Cypress Hill-Hole in the head
Above the law-V.S.O.P
Too Short-Short but funky
Spice 1-Welcome to the ghetto
Tha Dogg pound-What would you do
Ice Cube-Ghetto Vet
Snoop Dogg-Gin & Juice
The Game-Hard Liqeur
2Pac,Dr Dre-California Love
Mack 10,Tha Dogg Pound-Nothing but the cavi

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dj Seth Dean-Back Road Style 3

New Edition-Candy Girl
Jackson 5-I want you back(remix)
Sybil Thomas-Rescue me
Alicia Meyers-I want to thank you
Gwen Guthrie-Getting hott
Melba Moore-Take my love
Melba Moore-Make your mind up tonight
Evelyn Champagne King-Im in love
Laurice Hudson-Feel my love
Maxine Singleton-You cant run from love
Whispers-Keep on loving me
Midnight Star-Midas Touch
5Star-Love take over
New Edition-Cool it now
Carlos c.Ward-A new way
Jermain Stewart-The word is out
Leot Littlepage-The Drain
Ms Thang-Thunder and lightning
Orange Juice Jones-The Rain
Mos def vs Newcleus-Jam on it
GLOBE + Pow wow-Play that beat
ExtraT's-I like it(cornflakes)
Newcleus-Jam on it revenge
Africa Bambaata & S.S.F-Looking for the perfect beat
Tyrone Brunson-The smurf
New Edition-Kinda girls we like
Globe +Whiz kid-Celebrate
Carrie Lucas-Summer in the streets
Sharon Redd-Beat the street

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dj Speed-Groove is in the mix

  1. De-Lite - Groove is in the heart
  2. Bust It - Young MC
  3. Radio Activity - Royal Clash
  4. MC Hammer - Ring Em
  5. Tone Loc - Wild Thing
  6. Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby
  7. 2nd to None - Be True to yourself
  8. Shy D - Gotta be Tough
  9. Rodney 0 & Joe Cooley - Cooley Hi
  10. Lynn Collins - Think
  11. Rob Base - It Takes Two
  12. Chubb Rock - Treat Em Right
  13. LL Cool J - Going back to Cali
  14. Shy D - Shake It
  15. Salt and Peppa - Push it
  16. Run DMC - Tricky
  17. Run DMC - Uptempo
  18. Gucci Crew - Sally
  19. 2 Live Crew - Get It Girl
  20. 2 Live Crew - Throw that D
  21. Afro Rican - Give it all you Got
  22. NWA - Something to Dance To
  23. GQ - Disco Nights
  24. Mix A Lot - Big Butts
  25. Planet Patrol - Play at your own risk (inst)
  26. Soul Sonic Force - Planet Rock (inst)
  27. Kano - I'm Ready
  28. New Musik - Planet Doesn't Mind

Monday, February 1, 2010

Dj Seth Dean-Central Coast Cousins

Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg-Lil Ghetto boy
Hollywood-Down n the streets vs I Aint trippin vsGangsta rap mad me do it
Ice Cube-You Know how we do it
Snoop Dogg- G-Thang
Snoop Dogg- Lay low
E A Ski-Manuscript
Drama Family Cherry'd up vs Burn Rubber
Too Short Burn Rubber vs Dr Dre-Next episode 2006
Snoop Dogg,Xzibit(eminem)-Bitch Please vs Your a customer vs My Life
South Central Cartel-Ya gets clowned
Roger Troutman ll-So Ruff, SoTuff
Roger-So Ruff, So tuff
Westcoast Rydaz-Hit'em up
Kid Sensation-Sea town Ballers
Rodney O & Joe Coolie-Hocus Pocus
Mc Ant-Dance Floor
Vaughn Mason & Crew-Bounce ,rock ,skate roll
Kam-Woop Wopp
Vaughn Mason & Crew-Big Guitar

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dj Kool Son-Golden Hip-Hop...Kool Fam Prod...

Grandmaster Flash -The Message
Eric B & Rakim-Paid in FULL
E.P.M.D-You's got to chill
Biz Markie-Make the music with your mouth
Black Sheep-the choice is yours
Cypress Hill-The funky feel one
Das EFX-They want EFX
Eric B & Rakim-I ain't no joke
Slick Rick-Childrens story
Whodini-Five minutes of funk
Run DMC-Peter piper
Kid n Play-Aint gonna hurt nobody
Main Source-Looking at the front door
Slick Rick-Mona Lisa
Rob Base & Dj E-Z Rock-It takes two
Ll Cool J-Jingling baby
De La Soul-A Rollerskating Jam Named "Saturday
Big Daddy kane-Warm it up kane
Digital Underground-Kiss you back
Ultamagnetic Mc's-Poppa Large

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dj Seth Dean-Isolations Mix

  1. Freshco-Are you ready
  2. Richy Rich-Female f.e.d
  3. Above the law-Menace to sociaty
  4. O6 style-School house rock
  5. Beyond Comprehension-6 figure zero'z
  6. Sway and Tech-In conltrol
  7. Dexter Wansel-Theme from the planets
  8. Ray munnings-Funky Nassau vs Z Trip-Listen to the DJ
  9. Cold Cut-Beats and peices
  10. Mr K-Bill feeling James vs Ndeep-The record keeps spinning
  11. Ice Cube-Amerikkkas most wanted(acapella)
  12. Willy Colon-Ghana e
  13. Ice Cube-Endangered Specice(remic)
  14. J-Rocc-Cold Heat
  15. Automator-Im non violent
  16. Automator-No Compitiotion
  17. Big Apple Prod...-Peter Duff
  18. Thin lizzy-Johnny the fox
  19. Marva Whitney-Its my thing beats
  20. Liquid Liquid-cavern (cut chemisc remix)
  21. Seville and King Shamekk and Jazzy J-Make it funky
  22. Danny Krivit-Rock the house
  23. Yellow magic orchistra-Computer game
  24. Gary Bart-get funked up
  25. Rhythem Heritage-Theme from swat
  26. Montovani-Theme from Swat
  27. Gordans war-Hot wheeles
  28. Herman kelly and Life-Dance to the drummers beat
  29. Incredibale bongo band-Apache
  30. West Street mob-Breakdance electric boogie
  31. Booker T and the Mg's-melting pot


Friday, January 8, 2010

Dj Speed-Smoothe Neo-Soul

Chucki Booker - Games
Mark Morrison - Return Of The Mack (Beatminers Remix)
Usher - Think Of You
Maxwell - Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder)
Tribe Called Quest - For Moms (INst)
Adrianna Evans - Swimmin'
Mary J. B. - Spring Memories
Faith Evans - All Night Long
Eric Benet - Georgy Porgy
Faith Evans - Love Like This
DeAngelo - Jones
Adrianna Evans - Love Me
Erykah Badu - Sometimes
Faith Evans - You Used 2 Love Me
Kenny Latimore - Never 2 Busy
Usher - You Make Me Wanna
Adrianna Evans - Reality
Erykah Badu - Apple Tree
download here>

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dj Seth Dean-Drunk Bass

Maggatron-Retern to the planet of BASS
Ice man JA-Dance Transformer
Maggazulu Too-We want those cuts DJ
Anquette-Shake it
Mc Shy D-Tearing it up
Vicious BASS-Shake that Thang
Dj Magic Mike-Magic Mike cutz the record
Tony Rock-Keep dancing
Mc Cool D +Dj Mike-Do that shit
Success N Effect-Roll it up my ninja
Half Pint-Stomp n Grind
Le Juan Love-Everybody say yeah
Tony G-tony G's so good
Rodney O-Your chance to rock
The Megatrons-Rock this planet
Newcleus-Computer age(push the button)
Twilight 22-Siberian nights
Trinere-I know you love me
Planet Patrol-Cheap thrills
Uncle jamms Army-Whats your sign
Mc Cool Rock +Chazy Chess_Boot the booty
Dynamix ll-Feel the groove
Afro Rican-Give it all you got
Egyptian Lover-Egypt,Egypt
uncle jamms army-yes,yes,yes
Uncle jamms army-Dial a freak
Byron Davis+ the Fresh crew-New Dance
Le Juan Love-Mega Mix(house party style
Maggatron-Welcome to the planet of BASS
A.B.T.S.S Force-
Planet Rock-Pock at your own risk