Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dj A.R.N-We the WEST 3

Dre Dre-Xxplosive(Hitman,Kurupt)
Ice Cube-it was a good day
Dre Dre-House Wife(Kurupt)
Ice Cube-Gangster rap made me do it
Cypress Hill-Latin Lingo
RBL Posse-Blue Bird
Too Short-Im a player
2Pac-Baby don't cry
2pac-Can't see me
The Game,Kayne-Wouldn't go far
Dr Dre-Still DRE(Snoop DOG)
Iced Cube-Go to Church(lil Jon)
N.W.A-Niggaz 4 Life
The D.O.C-The Formula
Ice Cube-True to the Game