Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dj Seth Dean-Rock the Beat-B-Boy 2

1.Chill Town-rock the beat
2.Magnificent 3 + Fearless master-Crush
3.Fantasy 3-Master
4.C.O.D-In the bottle(disconect mix)
5.Rama-Dont want you to be
6.Loletta Hollaway-crash goes love
7.Galaxxy-Weres the beat?
8.High fidelity 3-B- Boy Breakdance
10.Man Parish-Hip-Hop Be-Bop
11.Aurther Baker-Breakers Dub
12.Tidde T-Sequeltial groove
13.The V.H.Bbethovens 5th ST symphany
14.Imperial brothers-We come to rock
15.Model 500-Future
16.Cybotron-cosmic cars
17.Model 500-Time space transmit
18.The Future-Nuclear Holocaust

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dj Seth Dean-Central Coast B-Boys

1.Nairobi-Funky soul makossa
2.Jenny Burton-Players
3.Bobby Jimmy-We like ugly women
4.Strafe-Set it off
5.Trans Lux-get it off
6.Aleem-Release yourself
7.Newcleus-Jam on revenge
8.Brothers Supreme-We cant be held back
9.Man Parrish+Freeze Force-Boogie down Bronx
10.Eddie D-Cash money
11.Pacific side Rappers-O.G move
12.B-Boys-Rock the house
13.Newcleus-Jam on it
14.Africa Bambata+Soul sonic force-Looking for the perfect beat
15.Africa Bambata+S.S Force-Renagades(dub)
16.3-D-Tommy Boy mega mix(Brooklyn version)
17.Big Audio dynamite-bedrock city
18.Ziggie Tons-Lectric Ziggie Boggie
19.Human league-Love Beats
20.Jonzun Crew-We are the Jonzun crew
21.Jonzun crew-Space is the place
22.Synergy-Project 5
23.C jam _ Kid Frost-Commando Rock
24.VSF-Velocity,Speed & force
25.P.L-Transeuropa Express
26.Extra funk Factory-Fantasy
27.Pete Rock-Never gonna stop that rock
28.Palmer force Two-Street wars
29.Jaime Jupitor-Computer Power

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dj Seth Dean-Duce Duce

1.The Kane Gang-Don't look any further
2.Rich Cason-Your trying to turn me out
3.Bobby Demo-More bounce Rapp
4.Bernice Frazier-Will you be the one
5.Timex Social Club-Thinking about you
6.Jocylen brown VS Sweet G-Games females play
7.Center line-I choose love
9.Sly Stone-Remember who you are
10.Vaughn Mason & crew-Roller Skate
11.S.O.S Band-The finest VSReg Mundy-Finger pop
12.BT Express-stretch
13.Junior reed-Dance to the music
14.Wolf-Papa was a rolling stone
15.George Cran-Din Daa daa VS Igor Beats
16.Tyrone Brunson-Hotline
17.Bobby Stewart - Copyright On Love
18.Attitude-We got the juice
19.Prince Charles-Skin tight Tina
20.Tyrone Brunson - Sticky Situation
21.S.O.S band-Do it now
22.S.O.S Band-Take your time
23.Demo Barry-Take your time RAPP
24.Stone-The girl is HOTT

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dj Seth Dean-Back Road Style 2

1.Platnium Pide Pipers-Riding High
2.Faze-O-Riding High
3.Mtume-Juicy Fruit
4.Keni Burke-rising to the top
5.Mary jane girls-All night long
6.The Gap band-I found my baby
7.The Gap Band-Outstanding
8.Cherrelle-Will you satisfy me
9.S.O.S Band-Just be good to me
10.Loose Ends-Hanging on a string
11.Loose Ends-Slow down
13.Cherrell-When you look in my eyes
14.Loose Ends-Choose me
15.Kiddo-try my Lovin
16.The Human Body- make you shake it
17.New horizon-your Thing
18.k-9 Corp-Dog Talk
20.The BarKays-night Cruisin
21.Tom Browne-Thigh High
22.Fat Back Band-Keep your fingers out my jam
23.Zapp-I can make you dance
25.Enchantment-Heres your chance
26.The O'jays-Put our heads together
27.Roger-It's in the mix

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dj Seth Dean-Firme Fresh

1.ASP Organization - Firme Fresh(Intro)
2.Richie Rich - Dont Do It
3.Too Short - Players
4.Too Freesh - Mr Tron
5.Kool Rock J - Notorious
6.CMW - Whos Is It"Automator
7.Q-Bert - Bear Witness III
8.Kidz In The Hall - Wheels Fall Off
9.King Tee - "Bass" VS - "All Night Long
10.Rodney O & Joe Cooley - "This Is For The Homies
11.Low Profile - "Alladins On A Rampage
12.Geetas - Gang Related
13.Ice T - Doggin The Wax
14.The Mac - The Game Is Thick
15.Big Ocean Mob - Big Ocean
16.PDF Crew - Do It
17.LBC Crew - Beware Of My Crew
18.Pookey Blow - "Earth Break
19.Zapp - "Heartbreaker
20.J5 - "In The House
21.ICEM - "Strictly For The Streets
22.South Central Cartel - "South Central Madness
23.Ghetto Life/Ghetto Politics - Keep Me High
24.Freddie B - Trues & Vogues
25.Techni-Crew - Action Packed
26.Jewel T - County Blues
27.Mix Master Mike - Ready On The Right
28.Paris - The Hate That Hate Made
29.Paris - Coffee, Donuts & Death
30.415 - Side Show
31.APG Crew - Back To Back
32.415 - Brothers In A Coupe Ride

Dj Seth Dean-Back Road Style 1

2.Whodini-5 minutes of funk
3.Malcom Mclaren & The World Famous supreme team-World Famous
4.Malcom Mclaren-Buffalo love
5.Marjie Joseph-knockout
6.B B & Q Band-Im a deamer
7.52nd Street-Tell me(how you feel)
8.5Star-Let me be the one
9.Cherrell & Alexander Oneal-Saturday Love
10.Vicky Love-Stop playing on me
11.Bootsy rubber band-Burn Rubber
12.X25 Band-Jam it
13.Catch-get on Freak
14.BarKays-Freaky Behavior
15.Stacy Lattisaw-Feel my love tonight
16.Sun - Sun Is Here
17.Tony Cook &The Party people-On the floor(rock it)
18.Dazz Band-On the one for fun
19.Instant funk-No stoppin that rockin
20.Orbit-And the beat goes on
21.Hashim-Al-Naayfish(the soul)
22.Run DMC-It's like that
23.Twilight 22-Electric Kingdom
24.Yaz-Don't do it
25.Channel one-Technicolor
26.Palmerforce two-Streew wars
27.Ice man JA-Mega Jone's BASS

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dj Seth Dean-Funk & Soul Grooves

2.Phily-Stay with me
3.Crown Heights Affair - Say A Prayer For Two
4.Aurra-Checking you out
5.Carl Carlton-Swingin that sexy thing
6.The SOS band-S.O.S
7.Skyy-Super love
8.Deodato-Make you feel good
9.The Fatback Band-Keep Your Fingers Out The Jam
10.The KG's-Keep on Bumping
11.Slave-Slave is here
12.Cameo-It's Serious
13.Gary's Gang-Knock me out
14.Johnson & Youngblood-The funk is in the music
16.QT Hush-Dangerous
17.janet Jackson-Say you do
18.BB & Q Band-Imagination
19.Kleer-Running back to you
20.O Jay's-I love music

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


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1.Def Cut-Street Level
2.Computer Rockers -Computer Infterface 2.0
3.Uncle jamm's army-Dial-a-freak
4.Cameron Paul-Sexy Dancer(bass mix)
5.Zig-Zag-Circut Breaker
6.Layizon-The Ride inside
7. Fantasy Machine -Fantasy machine(vocal)
8.Electroids-Midnight drive
9.Egyption Lover-Girls,Girls
10.Model 500-nite drive(thru babylon)
11-Planet patrol-Cheap thrills
12.Adams Family(Planet rock remix)Inst...
13.Cosmic Jam-We're Jammin
14.Connie-Rock Me
15.Gucci Crew 2-Truz n' Vogues
16.World class wrecking Crew-Juice
17.Sleeze Boyz-Robo Cop
18.Dynamix-Dj's go bezerk
20.X-Visitors-The Planet doesn't mind

Thursday, November 5, 2009

DJ SETH DEAN-Back on the BLOCK 2
1.Kool Rock J & Dj Slice-Slice it up
2.Cli-n-Tel-It's time to jam
3.Royal Cash-Radio Activity
4.2Live Crew-Throw that D
5.Disco "B" - Lay The "D" Down
6.BOSE-Dont Knock it till you try it
7.Veloure & Double O-We rock the house
8.High Fidelity 3-B Boys Breakdance
9.Telisis-Art Of Beats
10.Setion 25-Looking from a hilltop
11.Kraftwerk-Tour de france
12.Captian Rock-Captian Rock to the future
13.Captian Rock-The return of Captian rock
14.Master K.A-Computer rock
15.Domino-Quities got'em locked
16.James Pants-Cosmic Rapp(remix)
17.Egyption Lover-keep it hott(remix)
18.PCrew-Nasty Rock
19.Awsome 4some-Funky Breakdown
20.Double A mix
21.Egyption Lover-Pyramix 2

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

James Brown-It's a Man's Man's World

Active Force-Cold Blooded Lover

Rick James-Cold Blooded 12"

Jamie Jupitor-Computer Power

Goldie Alexander - Show You My Love

Chemise - She Can't Love You

Kinky Foxx-So Different

Stargard - Wear It Out

Uncle Jamms Army-Dial-a-Freak

X-Visitors-The Planet doesn't mind

Jimmy Ross-First True Love Affair

The Brothers Supreme-We Can't Be Held Back

Paulette - I Want You Back

Cameron Paul-This is a test

Layizon-The Ride Inside 12"

Antron-Earthquake 12"

Byron Davis & The Fresh Krew - Don't Be Bashful