Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dj Seth Dean-Drunk Bass

Maggatron-Retern to the planet of BASS
Ice man JA-Dance Transformer
Maggazulu Too-We want those cuts DJ
Anquette-Shake it
Mc Shy D-Tearing it up
Vicious BASS-Shake that Thang
Dj Magic Mike-Magic Mike cutz the record
Tony Rock-Keep dancing
Mc Cool D +Dj Mike-Do that shit
Success N Effect-Roll it up my ninja
Half Pint-Stomp n Grind
Le Juan Love-Everybody say yeah
Tony G-tony G's so good
Rodney O-Your chance to rock
The Megatrons-Rock this planet
Newcleus-Computer age(push the button)
Twilight 22-Siberian nights
Trinere-I know you love me
Planet Patrol-Cheap thrills
Uncle jamms Army-Whats your sign
Mc Cool Rock +Chazy Chess_Boot the booty
Dynamix ll-Feel the groove
Afro Rican-Give it all you got
Egyptian Lover-Egypt,Egypt
uncle jamms army-yes,yes,yes
Uncle jamms army-Dial a freak
Byron Davis+ the Fresh crew-New Dance
Le Juan Love-Mega Mix(house party style
Maggatron-Welcome to the planet of BASS
A.B.T.S.S Force-
Planet Rock-Pock at your own risk

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