Tuesday, October 13, 2009

DJ SETH DEAN-Maranatha Freestyle mix

Maranatha Freestyle Mix-7-12-09

1. Monet -Do you remember
2.Masters at work -Dum Dum cry
3.Anna-Tell me something(beats)
4.Janice -bye bye
5.Wellred-dont let up
6.Freeze-pop goes my love
7.Rama-Dont want you to be
8.Connie-Laughter in the rai
9.Bobby O-Still hot for you(beats)
10.Nuance-Take a chance
11.BG-Give in to love
12.Barbra Colman-I just wanna dance
13.Pretty poison-nighttime
14.Shannon-let the music play
15.Dynamix-I just wanna dance
16.Gianni Sirenne-Do what'cha wanna do
17.Connie-Tonights the night
18.Jailbait-let me be the one
19.Crystal Lynn-Talk to me
20.Desire-Baby be mine
21.Torre-To late for tommorow
22.Ammeretto-Clave rock
23.Fransic-surrender your love
24.Heart break-never stop loving you
25.Sweet sensation-Good bye victom of love
26.Wild mary- no one knows
27.Gt-I need you

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