Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dj Seth Dean-Delma's Freestyle mix

1.Cherrelle-Saturday love vs Information Sociaty-Running
2.Monet-My heart gets all the breaks
3.Jenny Burton-Rock Steady
5.Jenny Burton-Remember what you like
6.Tina B-Honey to a bee
7.C-Banks-One more shot
8.Chaka khan-My love is alive
9.Special Request-Take it to the max
10.Jemaine Stewart-the word is out
11.Franco & Mary Jane-Play at your own risk
12.Planet patrol-Play at your own risk
13.Breakout-Planet Rock(jazzversion) vs Planet Patrol
14.Freestyle-Are you lost?
15.Z-Factor-The DJ
16.Yaz-Dont go
17.Quadrant six-Body mechanics
18.Channel One-technicolor
19.Audio Tech-Im your audio tech
20.Twilight 22-Electric Kingdom
21.Orbit-To busy thinking about my baby
22.Grandmaster Flash & the Furious 5-Scorpio
23.Breakout-Planet rock(band version)

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