Thursday, November 5, 2009

DJ SETH DEAN-Back on the BLOCK 2
1.Kool Rock J & Dj Slice-Slice it up
2.Cli-n-Tel-It's time to jam
3.Royal Cash-Radio Activity
4.2Live Crew-Throw that D
5.Disco "B" - Lay The "D" Down
6.BOSE-Dont Knock it till you try it
7.Veloure & Double O-We rock the house
8.High Fidelity 3-B Boys Breakdance
9.Telisis-Art Of Beats
10.Setion 25-Looking from a hilltop
11.Kraftwerk-Tour de france
12.Captian Rock-Captian Rock to the future
13.Captian Rock-The return of Captian rock
14.Master K.A-Computer rock
15.Domino-Quities got'em locked
16.James Pants-Cosmic Rapp(remix)
17.Egyption Lover-keep it hott(remix)
18.PCrew-Nasty Rock
19.Awsome 4some-Funky Breakdown
20.Double A mix
21.Egyption Lover-Pyramix 2

1 comment:

  1. This mix is a MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!Highly recommended ,BLAST THIS SHYT HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!